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Thorn Keep
(Owners of this keep receive the thorn aura spell effect)
Current Owners: Bloodlust
Taken From: Knighthood

The Citadel
(Owners of this  keep receive bonus saves)
Current Owners: Bloodlust
Taken From: Knighthood

Misery Keep
(Owners of this keep controls the veil of misery spell)
Current Owners: Slayers
Taken From: Bloodlust

Current Spell Target: None

Purgatory Keep
(Owners of this keep receive the Purgatory XP Bonus)
Current Owners: New_Thalos
Last Owners: Darkonin

NorthEast Underworld Keep
Current Owners: None
NorthWest Underworld Keep
Current Owners: Slayers
SouthEast Underworld Keep
Current Owners: None
SouthWest Underworld Keep
Current Owners: None

New Reclasss Coming In!
(Wednesday December 9, 2015)

Here is the schedule for the release of the New Reclasses:

Samurai (Warrior Reclass) Currently Available
Shukenja (Cleric Reclass)
Currently Available
Ninja (Thief Reclass)
Currently Available
Wu Jen (Mage Reclass)
Currently Available
Brewmaster (Bard Reclass) In Testing


Untitled Document

Algoron Jousting Association (AJA) Last 5 Results
(Wednesday Feb 10, 2016)

Heralded by Sarith

Heralded by Bailey

Heralded by Traice

Heralded by Eria

Heralded by Chut
8/14/15 9/7/15 10/21/15 11/24/15 1/12/16

Algoron Jousting Association


Player Killer of the Week
[Bloodlust] Ferg - Assassin Yinn - Bloodlust

Top 20 Player Killers of the Week

Rank Name Kills Clan Class Race
1 Ferg 38 Bloodlust Assassin Yinn
2 Roahan 32 Slayers Swashbuckler Human
3 Ozymandi 23 Slayers Wujen Dark dwarf
4 Azjuhb 21 Bloodlust Armsman Orc
5 Brollo 15 Wargar Battlerager Mul
6 Vandavar 15 Bloodlust Assassin Wild elf
7 Zvixas 15 Slayers Assassin Bakali
8 Zorreau 12 Shadow Shadowknight Human
9 Eraden 12 Shadow Shadowknight Human
10 Benaelohim 11 Slayers Jongleur Ariel
11 Selonis 10 Conclave Transmuter Deep gnome
12 Ereic 10 Justice Assassin Bakali
13 Quiar 10 Bloodlust Ninja Goblin
14 Waaagh 9 Slayers Barbarian Bugbear
15 Rumptin 9 Conclave Invoker Pixie
16 Rnezs 8 Slayers Charlatan Goblin
17 Creighton 8 Shadow Jongleur Human
18 Lesimo 8 Slayers Mentalist Dark elf
19 Laiton 7 Conclave Transmuter Shalonesti elf
20 Mercerion 7 Knighthood Samurai Human

Algoron Gladiator League

Gnarlroc - (10 - 7) Deep Gnome Shaman from Slayers

Ferg, (10 - 2) Yinn Assassin from Bloodlust

Current Top 10 Contenders

Rank Name Record Race and Class Affiliation
1 Tyrinx (17 - 7) Pixie Transmuter White Robes
2 Symiad (32 - 25) Wild Elf Bladesinger Shalonesti
3 Berxerkar (10 - 3) Hill Dwarf Battlerager Thaxanos
4 Shawn (17 - 11) Human Skald Bloodlust
5 Merilith (18 - 7) Wild Elf Druid Bloodlust
6 ^Xantiln (11 - 4) Human Swashbuckler Verminasia
7 Pitheuis (9 - 3) Wild Elf Bladesinger Shalonesti
8 Alleluia (4 - 1) Ariel Druid Chaos
9 Irmli (11 - 7) Mountain Dwarf Battlerager Wargar
10 *Perrinn (15 - 15) Orc Armsman Loner



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